I know your secret…

When I founded A-list Interviews over a decade ago, one of the first books I read was Martin Yate’s “Hiring The Best”, which describes the interviewing process as a “dirty secret” in business. He observed that we promote people within our organizations, ask them to assemble and manage teams, and then hold them accountable to

Maintain your form and go for the win!

Phyllis Francis represented the United States in the 400 meter race, and she completed her semi-final looking very relaxed. She won both her first round heat and her semifinal heat easily with a time of 50.58 seconds and 50.31 seconds, respectively. When the reporter asked her what she was thinking about during one of the

Meet my new employee, Stephanie… I mean Jan

Last week, I met with a new client and I was introduced to their new employee, Stephanie. “But we call her Jan.” said my client. Wait… what? Apparently when Stephanie first started her job, my client said to her, “What’s up, man?” She asked, “Did you just call me Jan?” And, the name stuck: EVERYONE

The Princess and the Hot Dog

In a North Carolina children’s ballet class recently, the teacher declared that the very next practice would be “Princess Day”. While all of the other 5 year-old little girls whirled and twirled in their beautiful gowns and frilly skirts, wearing tiaras and carrying scepters, little Ainsley came dressed as a hot dog: yes, an All-American

The 5 P’s and Waterproof Mascara

May is very stressful month for school age kids, no matter what age they are. My daughter Katy is finishing her freshman year, and has finals, final projects, end-of-term tests, make up work from her surgery, cheerleader practice and lots of goodbyes to graduating friends. Last week she said to me “Mom, I woke up

Hiring in a Tight Labor Market

You would think that having a 3.2% unemployment rate would be cause for celebration, and it is. Times are good, and there are lots of jobs out there. So, why is it that my clients are afraid they will be unable to find great employees? Lately, I have received several calls from people who are

Why my 92-year-old grandmother surpasses most candidates

Last month I flew back to Texas to celebrate my grandmother’s 92nd birthday with the whole family. We had a blast! My favorite part of the weekend was the serendipitous hour-long conversation that she and I shared at breakfast. My grandmother made her famous pancakes and little sausages on Saturday morning. My family eagerly poured

Harley in a Fish Bowl 2.0

A few years ago, my daughter came home with Harley, a fish that she saved from certain death in her science class experiment. Reviewing the saga of Harley in a Fish Bowl and Harley in a Fish Bowl continued gave me a great reminder about the power of investing in your employees.  I am sad to report that Harley is

Why Your BAD Hires are GOOD for You

One of my long standing, most beloved clients called wanting to meet with me to discuss some potential new hires for her company. I had not heard from her in several months, so I was grateful to hear her voice. Over chips and salsa, the conversation started like this: “Do you remember that woman that

Grammar, Boys and Resumes

My daughter, Katy, received a text from a potential suitor that said “Your so pretty!” She showed me the text with a horrified look on her face and said “I’m sorry. If he doesn’t know the difference between your/you’re and to/two/too, then I am not interested!” In my business, we receive hundreds of resumes for