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Recruiting firms and staffing agencies only assist with one small part of the hiring process.

A-list Interviews does so much more!

Many things make A-list Interviews different.  Our Response Analysis System™ is a proven technique that catches otherwise overlooked traits of underperformers not caught through typical interviewing techniques.

The Response Analysis System™ is used throughout the entire hiring process – from submission of cover letter and resume to after the final interview. Our interviewing techniques will notice the subtle nuances of the interviewee.

Behavioral interviewing has been a common technique in today’s hiring practices. Response Analysis provides a different perspective. See how they compare:

Behavioral Interviewing

  1. Focus is on the questions
  2. Premise: Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior
  3. Focus is on the actual interview
  4. Usually no preparation for the interview team
  5. If the top choice declines, look to the second choice
Response Analysis System

  1. Focus is on candidates’ responses
  2. Premise: The best predictor of future behavior is the presentation of past behavior
  3. Focus is on entire process from job ad to follow up
  4. Expectations of the interview team clearly spelled out
  5. Never hire second choice, re-post and start over

However, the perspective used when listening can provide very different information on a candidate.

Additionally, A-list Interviews commitment is to the employer; therefore we don’t coach candidates on how to interview better.

Our Process A-List Interviews
Staffing Agencies & Recruiting Firms
Works only for the employer, never coaching the employer’s applicants X  
Writes job descriptions that reduce employee turnover X  
Writes job ads that attract A-list candidates who are actively seeking employment X  
Posts ads to various job boards X X
Receives resumes X X
Reviews and screens resumes using the Response Analysis System™ X  
Communicates with candidate X X
Schedules interviews X X
Sends emails with reminder X  
Interviews candidates face-to-face with you X  
Evaluates candidates using the Response Analysis System™ X  
Follows up with every candidate X  
Provides unlimited rounds of interviews for each position, until the right person is found – we’re not commissioned based like most recruiters and we don’t charge an hourly rate X  
Assists you in being legally compliant with keeping resumes on file X  
Provides employee retention strategies X  
Has a 91% new hire retention rate after 12 months X  

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"After working with Beth Smith of A-list Interviews for the past several months, I continue to be amazed at her ability to know the right people for specific positions. She conducted several dozen interviews with me, and narrowed down our hires to just a few people, all of who have turned out to be fantastic employees.


She has dramatically changed the culture of my staffing environment - not only by teaching myself a lot about my own management style, strengths and weaknesses, but also about managing people in general. She helped me hire the right people, and guided me through a new orientation process for staff that has gotten my team off to the best start yet. Within a week everyone was working at a capacity that had taken several weeks, if not months, in the past, and the business is thriving with this new efficiency and cohesion."


Ashley Ortiz, Boulder Business Owner