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Interviewing techniques and interviewing questions

There are many different interviewing techniques and interviewing questions used to screen candidates

You may be using some of these already in your interviewing process.  Some of the more typical interviewing techniques include:

  • Screening interviews
  • Stress interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Tag-team interviews
  • Follow-up interviews
  • The most popular is the behavioral interview

Behavioral interviewing assumes that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.  However, what behavioral interviewing does not take into consideration is the human capability for change.  The best predictor of future behavior is:

  • The presentation of past behavior
  • How someone currently behaves
  • How they respond to their past mistakes

Using our Response Analysis System™ more accurately depicts the integrity of a person.

A common myth about interviewing questions is: If we ask the right questions we will get the information we need to make the best hiring decisions possible.

But, it is not about the questions you ask, rather it is how you listen to the candidates’ responses given.

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