The 5 P’s and Waterproof Mascara

May is very stressful month for school age kids, no matter what age they are. My daughter Katy is finishing her freshman year, and has finals, final projects, end-of-term tests, make up work from her surgery, cheerleader practice and lots of goodbyes to graduating friends. Last week she said to me “Mom, I woke up


Coby, The Fish Bowl and Employee Resignations

I have written several blogs about Harley, the goldfish that my daughter saved from the wretched science experiment; recently, I have introduced Coby, our new beloved blue betta. Last week, Coby was placed in a small cup while Randy cleaned out the fish bowl. Randy walked away, then went back into the kitchen to finish


Hiring in a Tight Labor Market

You would think that having a 3.2% unemployment rate would be cause for celebration, and it is. Times are good, and there are lots of jobs out there. So, why is it that my clients are afraid they will be unable to find great employees? Lately, I have received several calls from people who are


The Squatter, the Swinger and the Thrower

My daughter Katy recently attended a baseball game with a group of friends. One of the pitches hit the catcher in the shoulder and bounced off. Katy cried out in alarm, “The squatty dude is hurt!” Her friend Jorge looked at her in alarm, exclaiming, “Oh Katy!” and threw his head in his hands. He


Why my 92-year-old grandmother surpasses most candidates

Last month I flew back to Texas to celebrate my grandmother’s 92nd birthday with the whole family. We had a blast! My favorite part of the weekend was the serendipitous hour-long conversation that she and I shared at breakfast. My grandmother made her famous pancakes and little sausages on Saturday morning. My family eagerly poured