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  • Are you struggling to find that perfect long-term employee who has passion for the position?

  • Does it seem like you should be looking for something specific in the resumes you receive?

  • Do you often ask yourself “Why can’t I hire the right people?”

  • Are you unsure what to listen for in an interview to ensure that you have all of the information that you need to make a good decision?

  • Do you often wonder “Where are all of the good employees?”

It is not surprising! None of the top colleges in the U.S. even teach interviewing skills. In fact, Martin Yates, author of “Hiring The Best”, describes the interviewing process as a “dirty secret” in business, with very little investment in actually training management how to interview candidates effectively. Peter Drucker, top management consultant, reports 2/3rds of all hiring is found to be a mistake within one year!

Join Beth Smith in her new book, “Why Can’t I Hire Good People?”, as she takes a lighthearted and practical look into today’s interviewing process. Follow along as she shares insight into her 7 step interview process using the Response Analysis System™ designed to identify employees who will perform at a high level for your company and fit culturally with your existing staff.

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Beth Smith has been empowering business owners, hiring managers and human resource directors for over a decade to interview and hire the right person the first time. She discovered the importance of the interviewing process when she made a poor hiring decision, which almost led to the demise of her first company.

After launching an enormous research project so that she could learn how to conduct more effective interviews, she concluded that there is a science to interviewing. She also discovered that many managers are thrown into the interview room, scrambling to figure out what to ask and what to listen for, instead of actually being taught how to conduct an effective interview. Beth’s mission has become to transform the world through the interview process in order to promote happy and productive work environments for both employers and employees. To do this, she created A-list Interviews.

Through the research she did on the interview process and through the almost 20,000 candidates that she has interviewed, Beth developed the Response Analysis System™. Studies done on the Response Analysis System™ show that 91% of those who were interviewed and then hired based on the Response Analysis System™ are still employed by the company 12 months later. The power of this system is from the advanced ability to listen to job applicants and measure their fit into an organization both culturally and for skill level.

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