The “Winker”

Last summer, I was knee deep in the interviewing process for one of my clients. We had been through several candidates looking for the perfect A-list player for their team. The last interview of the day looked incredibly promising! The woman who sat across form us was qualified, both technically and culturally. As the candidate

The Friends and Family Plan

When entrepreneurs first begin their businesses, they often rely on what I call “The Friends & Family Plan”. One client even confessed that he used to get on the phone and call his friends to find out who needs a job and determine how quickly they could start. While he readily admitted that this process

“Up in the Air”

In the movie “Up in the Air,” George Clooney remarks “I stereotype. It’s faster.” It may be faster, but it is not 100% predictable. In other words, you cannot predict an employee’s success in their position by stereotyping. I work with business owners and hiring managers every day who use stereotypes to predict employees’ success

Newsletter: The Eeyore Effect

Christopher Robin: “There now. Did I get your tail back on properly, Eeyore? “ Eeyore: “No matter. I’ll most likely lose it again anyway.” Last month, I interviewed a candidate who was world weary, tired and unhappy. This person had been out of work for a long time in an industry that is rapidly changing.

Just Say No

I recently asked my network on Linked In how we can improve the relationship between job candidates and the organizations who interview them. I was stunned at the response. Every single respondent replied with a request to communicate more effectively. One person even stated “While I don’t want the answer to be no…let me get

How to NOT Hire Great People

Every once in a while, I apply for jobs just to see what candidates have to go through in order to get a position. It is important as an interviewer to understand the process from the candidates’ perspective. The application process is a direct reflection of the company who is hiring.  While every interview process

Should I Re-hire a Former Employee?

Occasionally, my clients are faced with a decision to re-hire a former employee. People may leave your organization for any number of reasons: more money, different opportunities and loss of passion for a position are common. I was asked for my opinion by a client who wants to re-hire a former employee. My honest answer

Passive vs. Active Hires

I have been asked recently by hiring managers and recruiters about my “active to passive ratio”.  Active to passive ratio reflects the number of people interviewed who are currently unemployed versus employed. An active candidate is currently unemployed and actively looking for a position. A passive candidate is currently employed, relatively satisfied with their current