Tips for a successful interviewing process

We will periodically share some of our most successful interviewing techniques and strategies. Be sure to check this page before you begin any interview process.

Tip #1: Shift your perception of the job description. The job description is for the employer to get ready for someone else to come on board. It is not intended for the employee. The job description is the company’s way of getting prepared to bring in someone else’s ideas and energy.

Tip #2: The only question that you need to ask yourself in the phone interview is this: ‘How eager is this person to come in and meet with me?’

Tip #3: First Interview: The biggest mistake employers make when conducting a pre-screening interview is that they will oversell the job. Focus on the candidate.

Tip #4: When faced with a dilemma in making a selection, many times people put together a pros and cons list. Do not do this in your interview process.  No matter how many pros there are, it is the one con that will sabotage the working relationship.


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