Spell Check is Not Enough!

Yesterday, I was screening applicants for a position that requires a high level of attention to detail. Not long into the search, I received a beautifully formatted resume.  The candidate had all of the skills that we wanted in a new employee! I opened the cover letter to learn more about this bright prospect. The

“Take This Job And Shove It”

I placed a call to a candidate to invite her in for an interview. The message said “Please enjoy the music while your party is reached!” Then, I heard the song “Take this job and shove it.” Need I say more? Listen to the clues that people give you before, during and after the interview.

Colin Powell’s Selection Advice

“Powell’s Rules for Picking People” – Look for intelligence and judgment and, most critically, a capacity to anticipate, to see around corners. Also look for loyalty, integrity, a high energy drive, a balanced ego and the drive to get things done.” In theory, this sounds like amazing advice. Focus on the person’s attributes as opposed

The Friends and Family Plan

When entrepreneurs first begin their businesses, they often rely on what I call “The Friends & Family Plan”. One client even confessed that he used to get on the phone and call his friends to find out who needs a job and determine how quickly they could start. While he readily admitted that this process