Manning vs. Tebow: Good or Bad hiring decision?

Peyton Manning is in and Tim Tebow is out. First, when making a good hiring decision, a boss must ask this question: Can I work with this person? Both Tebow and Manning have solid reputations for being workable, and in this era of cranky celebrities, this is point for both of them.Was this a good

“Up in the Air”

In the movie “Up in the Air,” George Clooney remarks “I stereotype. It’s faster.” It may be faster, but it is not 100% predictable. In other words, you cannot predict an employee’s success in their position by stereotyping. I work with business owners and hiring managers every day who use stereotypes to predict employees’ success

How Cheesy!

I have a client who asks candidates this question: “If you were a type of cheese, which would it be?” The question makes people laugh and we have had some pretty clever responses. “Pepper Jack: I’m spicy!” and “Any one of them except blue cheese, because that one stinks!” are among a few of the