Newsletter: The Eeyore Effect

Christopher Robin: “There now. Did I get your tail back on properly, Eeyore? “ Eeyore: “No matter. I’ll most likely lose it again anyway.” Last month, I interviewed a candidate who was world weary, tired and unhappy. This person had been out of work for a long time in an industry that is rapidly changing.

Passive vs. Active Hires

I have been asked recently by hiring managers and recruiters about my “active to passive ratio”.  Active to passive ratio reflects the number of people interviewed who are currently unemployed versus employed. An active candidate is currently unemployed and actively looking for a position. A passive candidate is currently employed, relatively satisfied with their current

Interviewing Admins and Executive Directors

When interviewing for various positions within your organization, the real question you are often asking is “Does this person have integrity?”  The interview process between an administrative assistant and Executive Director is exactly the same. I have assisted my clients with interviewing for both positions using the same set of initial questions in order to