Interviewing techniques are only one part of our process

Our screening and interviewing techniques are based on our Response Analysis System™, which is a system used to evaluate candidates based on their responses and actions throughout the entire hiring process – from submission of cover letter and resume to after the final interview.

When the dust settles, one candidate will be left standing.

With the A-list Interviews’ Response Analysis System™, there is never a second choice.


Writing job descriptions that
reduce employee turnover

Writing job ads that helps attract
A-list candidates

Posting ads to various job boards,
saving you time

Receiving resumes on your behalf and acting as a point of contact

Reviewing and screening cover letters and resumes

Conducting initial screening of resumes and cover letters

Communicating with candidates about where they are in the process

Scheduling interviews for you, based on your schedule, not the interviewees

Sending candidates confirmation emails and reminders with directions

Interviewing candidates face-to-face with you in the room

Following up with every candidate with an answer on where they stand

Providing direction on being legally compliant with keeping resumes on file

We’ll provide you with employee retention strategies and check in with you regularly to see how your new hire is working out.

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