What’s “Like” got to do with it?

Last week while working with an interview team of 6 people, I asked them what they thought about a particular candidate, and 1 by 1 they all said “I like him, but…”  So, I asked them, “What’s Like got to do with it?” We all laughed. Remember, my theory is to go with your “but”

The Hiring Hangover

Last week, I met with a new client who suffers from what I call “the Hiring Hangover”. He had just fired a long time employee and had to hire someone else quickly. The whole experience left a really bad taste in his mouth and he was having a hard time getting over it. He kept


The end of the year is always a time of reflection for me. I like to look back and see the difference I have made in the lives of others and plan for how I will continue to bring value in the coming year. 2014 should be an exciting year, as my plan to publish

The Experience Trap

Every client that I begin to work with wants a certain level of experience for the position that they want filled. They say, “Beth, they have to have 5 years experience. Not negotiable.” The problem with experience is that it is a mixed bag. According to the book Talent is Overrated, “…people with lots of

“But I hired you for another job!”

For the past few blogs I have been telling you about my swimming experience. Recently, I had a setback. One day, I began to experience hip pain. The diagnosis is a herniated disc in my back. Much to my dismay, I have had to quit swimming and go into rehabilitation mode to become healthy again.

No Weapons Allowed!

My clients and I were interviewing a man who arrived prepared with several sealed 8×11 envelopes. When he sat down, he asked if we needed a copy of his resume. I said “no thank you” because I already had one sitting on the table in front of me he’d already provided. He mentioned that he