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About A-list Interviews

Beth Smith, Founder

Beth Smith began her interviewing career in 2000 with her first business. When she made a bad hiring decision for a critical role in her former company, she realized how vitally important interviewing was, and she launched an enormous research project to learn how to conduct more effective interviews.

What she discovered is that interviewing is a largely misunderstood science, with managers “trying it out” as opposed to being taught how to conduct an effective interview. Her mission, through A-list Interviews formed in 2006, is to “transform the way the world interviews” in order to promote “happy and productive work environments”.

She developed the Response Analysis System™ that has proven effective with 91% of hires still employed by the company after 12 months.  Beth Smith has conducted thousands of interviews using her proprietary Response Analysis System™.

Beth Smith graduated from the University of Texas in 1995 with degrees in History and Social Work, a minor in English, and additional course work in psychology, philosophy and child development. She has won awards for Women Who Make a Difference in Boulder, Business Owner of the Year, and Certificates of Service for The Hill Alliance and The Responsible Hospitality Group.

She lives in Boulder with her husband, Randy, and daughter, Katy. In her free time she is also a competitive swimmer.

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Beth Smith, Founder of A-list Interviews and the Response Analysis System ™