You are a Badass!

pointing finger you-151415_1280You are a badass!

This is the title of the latest book that I have read by Jen Sincero, and every time I read it, pick it up or look at it, I think of you.

I know that right now you are struggling to find the best employees that you can possibly find and it is hard work! Slogging through resumes, interviewing candidates and trying to find the time to do your own job on top of that… and pulling your hair out at the difficulty of the process. After a really bad day of interviewing (or more than one) you wonder, “Where are all of the good people?” You really want to give up and just hire someone already! you are a badass Jen Sincero

I want you to keep your chin up, because you are a badass. You deserve to have to best of the best, and those people are coming. Get out your Ideal Candidate List and read over it again. Get in touch with how AMAZING it is going to be when these people finally get here. When they do, hang onto your hat… you will be floored at the difference they make and you will be thankful that you held your ground and didn’t give in to the temptation to just fill an empty chair with whomever.

In the meantime, when you have a lousy day, look back at how far you have come! Look at the changes that you have already made and what a difference it has made on your organization and your life.

Keep rocking it, you badass, you!