The Winker Part II

Last fall, I recounted a story about “The Winker,” an inappropriate event that occurred during one of my interviewing sessions. A female candidate had winked at my client during the interview process, making him feel very uncomfortable. Although the candidate was very qualified, we did not hire her because of the discomfort experienced by all who were involved. Well, folks, you won’t believe this, but I had another instance of a winker at the interview table! Not only did she wink at my client, but the top button of her blouse popped open!

I cannot stress enough than an interview is not the time or the place for sexual overtures and “Janet Jackson” style uniform malfunctions. As an interviewer and coach, I certainly see inappropriateness from both men and women. Remember, if you are the employer and uncomfortable in any way about a candidate, listen to your discomfort, regardless of how qualified the candidate may appear. This type of behavior in an interview could be a sign of things to come, including a sexual harassment suit.



  1. Couldn’t agree more. As a certified personal image consultant, I was being interviewed last night on Hugh Liddle’s Chalk Talk blog radio about this very subject. He asked lots of questions about how men and women should dress for job interviews. I have a whole set of interview-appropriate guideline bullet points. But basically you don’t want to wear anything that will distract other people from seeing your potential for success. In other words, no lounge wear or beach wear, nothing you’d wear to a night club or to the playground with your kids.
    You are a whole package, head to toe, inside and out. Figure out what you want, and when you have the opportunity to have the life you desire, behave and dress appropriately.