Boxers versus Briefs

As I sat at the interviewing table looking out the window, a driver in large brand new pickup truck came squealing into the parking lot, veered into a parking spot and slammed on his brakes. He threw open his door, climbed down from the truck and dropped his pants. He was wearing boxers and an undershirt. He removed a collared, button down shirt from a package, threw it over his shoulders, and proceeded to tuck it in, never knowing that he had an audience.  As he ran in the door, apologizing that he was late, I realized this gentleman was our interviewee. He continued to button his shirt throughout the interview, stayed for 5 minutes then declared that he wasn’t interested in this job and left. 

We can really appreciate that he came to the interview to let us know his thoughts on the job. He didn’t just blow off the interview, which shockingly happens a lot. While he at least made an appearance, I doubt it was the appearance he intended. When examining candidates for your open job position, watch for clues in their behavior to tell you the type of employee you will be hiring. This gentleman was a good example of someone who may struggle with organization, time keeping and professional appearance.