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Tired of hiring the wrong person? Is your turn over a little too high? Does it seem like you just cannot seem to find the right person, both technically and culturally?

A-list Interviews is the answer. A-list Interviews works with employers to find the right person the first time. Through a comprehensive interviewing program, A-list Interviews walks you through a 7 step interview process designed to identify employees who will perform at a high level for your company and fit culturally with your existing staff and management style.

Recruiting firms and staffing agencies only assist with one small part of the hiring process. A-list Interviews does so much more! See our difference.

“Beth keeps you on task and moving down the presentation with her enthusiasm. We need more of her time- she has so much to share. Vibrant. Informative. Great wit. ”
— Randy Penn, Mayor, City of Englewood

We’ve conducted thousands of interviews using our Response Analysis System™  and the 7 Steps to Finding Great Employees with 91% of hires still employed by the company after 12 months. 

We will assist you in managing the entire hiring process from writing job descriptions and ads that will attract the best candidates, to reviewing resumes and conducting face-to-face interviews with the hiring manager in the room!

Don’t spend hours of your time sifting through hundreds of resumes and sitting through lengthy first interviews. A-list Interviews’ screening process, called the Response Analysis System™, is a proven technique that catches otherwise overlooked traits of underperformers not caught through typical interviewing techniques. When the dust settles, one candidate will be left standing. With the A-list Interviews’ Response Analysis System™, there is never a second choice.

A-list Interviews only works for the employer, never coaching the employer’s applicants.

A-list Interviews assists with:

  • Writing effective job descriptions
  • Writing ads that attract A-list candidates
  • Reviewing and sifting through resumes
  • Coordinating and scheduling interviews
  • Interviewing with the hiring manager in the room
  • Analyzing responses of each interviewee with you
Most managers are thrust into the role of hiring staff without ANY assistance in what constitutes an effective hiring process.  As I recall, Beth will share that 80% of new hires will be gone within two years.  With 118 employees, we cannot sustain quality services with that sort of turnover rate.  It takes EHS-HS staff at least a year just to get grounded in the demands of their positions.  Reducing the employee turnover rate starts with making higher quality hires and “gut” feelings are not a sufficient guide.  When we follow only our emotional reactions to an interviewee, we will hire those personalities that we are comfortable with which may/may not be an effective employee.  When we follow only our intellect, we hire skilled technocrats that may/may not have a personality that fits or the passion needed to truly excel at the particular position.  As Beth states in the attached, she has experienced hiring over 15,000 individuals through her role as owner of A-List Interviews.  We will learn much from Beth! – Douglas J. Jacobson MBA, MSW, NPLC, Executive Director, Tri-County Community ACTION, Inc.

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Transforming the world through the interview process!

One Day Interview Training Program!

What if your hiring decision was right 91% of the time? Through the A-list Interview Training Program, this statistic can be a reality. Learn more.

What is an Underperformer?

  • Has skill sets, but has poor work ethic
  • Doesn't do their work on time
  • Produces sub-standard work
  • Is not available when you need them
  • Does just enough to get by
  • Is not a team player
  • Puts up roadblocks and working with them is a struggle
  • These are the short-term people that will cost you time, effort and money to replace them

What is an A-list Candidate?

  • Has proper skill sets
  • Believes in having personal accountability
  • Is easy to work with
  • Gets things done on time
  • Stays on top of things
  • Is someone who anticipates your needs
  • Finds things that need to be done on their own
  • Never uses confusion to make excuses, rather they seek clarity
  • These are the people who can take your company to the next level